Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Marriage With Nicole Comes First For Keith Urban

Keith Urban has admitted you have to put your marriage first otherwise your life can feel like a game of Jenga.

The 47-year-old singer born in New Zealand supports his wife Nicole Kidman, whom he married in 2006, as a priority otherwise the balance between work and life can begin to feel like building game block challenging.

 "Someone once said," If your marriage is not your priority, is not married, "Urban said.

"And I thought, for me that is so true. So, while I keep as a priority, everything else kind of seems to work. And when not staying as a priority, is ... Jenga."

The piece of Australia also revealed that he would have trouble keeping his schedule in order if it were not for the 47-year-old actress.

He explained: "I have plenty of people to help me ... starting with my wife, who is extraordinary in the maintenance of all types of programmed and balanced."

Meanwhile, Keith, who has battled drug addiction and alcohol in the past, previously accredited by Nicole help you stay sober and encouraging him to go to rehab, shortly after they married.

He said: "I was very, very blessed to have an intervention Nic call on me I do not give as ** t about anything except turning a corner in my life and do what is necessary for that.".

The couple, who met at an awards ceremony in 2005, has daughters Sunday, six four years of faith together.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman: From Awkward First Encounter To Enduring Bond Of Two ‘Open’ Hearts

When the magic hour approached during year-end concert of Keith Urban in Canada, the country superstar once again demonstrated his unwavering love for his wife of Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. He invited acclaimed actress on stage and - in front of 60,000 fans - planted a passionate kiss on the lips when the clock struck midnight. Kidman had grabbed her husband's face as he leaned down to kiss her.

The singer and actress loving embrace of Niagara Falls was the latest in a continuing series of PDAs - public displays of affection - for the power couple. Although their first meeting Inconvenient Truth seem to have no romantic possibilities and although Kidman had to help country star conquer his addiction to cocaine just a few months after their wedding, their marriage has become one union enviable solid rock.

While a guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2010, Urban bit rocky program recalled his first encounter with Kidman in January 2005.

Looking back, Keith admitted he was a little intimidated when he met Kidman. They were in an event called "G'Day L. A." in Los Angeles, where both were being honest when he saw her backstage. "I swear, she slid across the room, floating," Keith says. "I do not know how. It's like she's standing there, and she did not walk. I was out of this world."

When Keith saw the actress standing alone for a moment, he gathered enough courage to say hello. "I steeled myself to go and do it, very nervous, and trying to be all good," he says. "[I] introduced myself and she was very nice and all, and there was that time waiting for the next thing to say what I did not know if I was bothering her or what was happening, so I just kind of said, "Well, nice to meet you, 'and I just walked away."

Later, a friend convinced Keith to try to talk to her again. "I came back and apologized, and we started talking and actually clicks," said Keith.

And click they did. June 25, 2006 they were married in Australia and immediately settled in Nashville, Tenn., where later they became parents of daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Kidman has also adopted children Isabella and Connor with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

A few months after the wedding, Urban Winfrey that faced a decision. An addiction to alcohol and drugs - especially cocaine - had taken over his life. "I had to make a decision that the road would take, once and for all," says Keith. "I had been at that crossroads before and always take the wrong path."

"What was different this time?" Winfrey asked.

"Love" Keith admitted.

At that time, Keith says he knew that if he did not give up and commit to overcome his addiction, he repeat the mistakes of the past. "[I thought], 'So maybe if I really want to be brave and adventurous, take the road less traveled this time,'" he says. "It was a huge hole in my life that was to be completed by the end right, or always going to be filled by the wrong thing."

Reality hit home when Kidman and some close friends staged in the intervention of Keith. "It was really a profound moment in many ways. So how Nic handled that timing was perfect," says Keith. "Everything was designed, I think, for that moment we merge."

At first, Keith says he questioned whether he should go to rehab as soon after marriage. "[I thought], 'Surely we will give you a couple of years, so we have a little strength, as this sort of thing could tear us'," says Keith. “‘This could just destroy us.'"

Ultimately, he decided it was time to seek help. Keith left the same night of the intervention for treatment. "I just told him, 'I do not want to do anything but go,'" he says. "I do not care anymore."

While in treatment, Keith issues, which he contributed to his use of alcohol and drugs were discussed. What had been missing? "A sense of being centered and connected to something bigger than me," he says. "You can call it whatever you want, God. There are a million names for him. But, ultimately, for me, is love. That's what ... I was missing in my life. The love for myself. "

Amar himself, he realized, would also help you to love others.”If I have not, I cannot give it away," says Keith. "Now I look back and realize Nic has taught me so much and brought so much to my life and opened my eyes in many ways."

At the beginning of his relationship with Kidman, Keith says he went to a park. While you are sitting on a bench, says he asked, "How's your heart?"

"I do not know why I asked that question," says Keith. "I've never asked anyone before me. I do not know what answer I was expecting."

She replied: "It is open".

"It was not only beautiful because said much about it, but instantly made me wonder: '?? That's mine is my heart open,'" says Keith. "'Or is that 80 percent open, but have some exit strategy? If I do, then why is that?'"

As anyone who has loved and lost know, once you've had your heart broken, is hard to love again. For this reason, Keith says he was scared.

"I looked back and realized that I stayed in this model because I was not really love," he says. "I had not met the right person. I was not the right person, but I really was not completely me. I was holding back because I was afraid."

Clearly, Urban became "the right person" and it is equally clear that he has "met the right person" Kidman. And another thing is also patently clear - Kiss and other PDAs will remain a part of your link two "open" hearts. That's what they are.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Keith Urban On Twitter

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Get Extra Cozy Together In Canada Before Ringing In 2015—Take A Look!

We think we know who Keith Urban is kissing at midnight!

Before ringing in 2015 with a special concert, artist country decided to spend some quality time with his lovely wife Nicole Kidman.

Dress with perfect gear for temperatures close to freezing, Urban shared a Self-timer less than 12 hours before the big event. "Canada - Bring It On!!!!!!" tweeted as Kidman showed a smile over his sweatshirt. "2015!!!!! - KU #HappyNewYear"

He later tweeted a solo of only himself with a message: "Okay Niagara falls - ring left in 2015!!!!!!!!!! - KU #HappyNewYear"

So what has Urbano barrel for the final hours of 2014? How about a free concert for the thousands of fans!

Held at the Queen Victoria Park, Eve New Year's party will feature performances by Urban, Nick Jonas, lights and Shawn Mendes. Attendees will also enjoy a fireworks show when the clock strikes midnight.

It's the perfect way to end a stellar year that gave the 47-year-old Australian two Grammy nominations 2015 and the title of the CMT Artist of the Year.

His greatest achievement, however, can only be a healthy, loving marriage to Kidman.

"He has been so good to me, you know, for nine years," gushed actress Ellen DeGeneres. "It was amazing to me."

And who can forget that moment when Urbano wished his wife a happy wedding anniversary during their concert!

"I sang this at our wedding eight years ago, I was too cheap to get someone to sing!" Urban said that the concert before "Making Memories of Us". "Eight year old girl. This song is for you. I love you." What's not to adore about this pair?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman News: Singer Reveals How Industry Has 'Changed,' Why His Wife 'Never' Tells Him What To Record [VIDEO]

Country singer Keith Urban is used to take the whole family on tour, but when she attended the BMI Country Awards last week that it was strictly an adult affair.

Actress Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban attend the Celebrate Life Ball at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on June 13, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

Country singer Keith Urban is used to take the whole family on tour, but when she attended the BMI Country Awards last week that it was strictly an adult affair.

Keith Urban Talks Singing with daughters
Accompanied by his wife and actress Nicole Kidman, Urban recently spoke a bit about his work and how country music has evolved (shown below).

"It's a very exciting time," the singer somewhere in my car said IMC TV. "I'm bad is pushing out into areas that have never been before ... This city has changed a lot in the last twenty years. It's extraordinary."

Nicole Kidman Dishes on the intimate life with Keith Urban
Kidman became severally by her husband during the interview, resting his arm around her shoulder and smiling to his passion for music.

The actress is incredibly supportive of her husband, although she remains attentive to hear their new songs for the first time.

"Everything I do is to dance and sing to it ..." he said, "but that's all."
Kidman continued she always has an answer to the work of Urban, but she does not "know" how to always put into words. She is not considered qualified to critique the music entirely, and so remains quite general feedback.

"I think I just respond emotionally," he admitted. "But I would never say 'yes, that's a very good song. You should record it.' I do not enough about it. "

Urban has toured in recent months, but his zeal for performance has not wavered.
"It's a beautiful thing to paint images, pictures, melodies and rhythms and grooves," he said, "is a beautiful thing."

Urban released his latest music video for Somewhere in My Car 25 September.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Are Now Kindergarten Parents

When you're talking about mega-stars like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, the couple of power that has combined net worth is estimated at more than $ 200 million, which does not think of things like make the kids ready for school morning. Now that Sunday, his eldest daughter, is officially in kindergarten, that's exactly what they are doing.

In an interview with The Tennessean, Keith talked about his new morning routine, saying, "Nic and I get up at six in the morning with the kids and get them settled and brought to school then try and come back. and take another half hour of sleep because I'm so in the tour schedule.'s a funny thing, flipping it around day to day. "

Meanwhile, Sunday is loving being in school. "She took to it like a duck to water, loved it. Went straight there and knew a couple of kids there already, just friends of the family. Way, which made it easy," shared Urbano. Little Faith, however, is having more difficulty adjusting to her older sister being gone all day. "Faith is anxious now to join older sister that has now been left behind to beat."

Both faith and Sunday go out with dad on the weekends sometimes and still going to do that. Now we just have to be home on Sunday so that Domingo can be ready for school on Monday. The couple have only 16 more school days to go!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman News: Country Singer Kicks Back At Guitar Store, Visits Wife On Set Of 'The Family Fang' Before Resuming 'Raise Em Up' Tour

Actress Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban attend the 2014 CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 4, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Touring is stressful for many musicians, but Keith Urban seems as relaxed as can be still carried out around the country to promote their new album Raise 'Em Up.

According to the Daily Mail UK on Monday, the musician took time during his day off to go through a guitar store in the city of New York.

The 46-year-old Urban was seen in a sweatshirt and black baseball cap as he tested a number of different guitars. While the singer did not buy anything, looked relaxed and casual as he strummed a few chords on at least a couple of different instruments.

The Lift 'Em Up tour began in July and while the singer usually brings wife Nicole Kidman (Stoker, Grace of Monaco) and her two daughters on the road with him, was able to relax at home with his family throughout the last days even visit his wife on the set of his new movie.

On Friday Us Weekly reported that the couple agrees similar pants, sunglasses, shoes and hairstyles as they strolled the set of her new drama The Family Fang. The couple looked quite comfortable together, which served as a more recent rumors that divorce probably false test.

The rumors are nothing new for the couple, who married in 2006, and seems to do everything possible to ignore talk staying together even when the cameras are not rolling.

Urban tour later this week will resume.