Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman News: Country Singer Kicks Back At Guitar Store, Visits Wife On Set Of 'The Family Fang' Before Resuming 'Raise Em Up' Tour

Actress Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban attend the 2014 CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 4, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Touring is stressful for many musicians, but Keith Urban seems as relaxed as can be still carried out around the country to promote their new album Raise 'Em Up.

According to the Daily Mail UK on Monday, the musician took time during his day off to go through a guitar store in the city of New York.

The 46-year-old Urban was seen in a sweatshirt and black baseball cap as he tested a number of different guitars. While the singer did not buy anything, looked relaxed and casual as he strummed a few chords on at least a couple of different instruments.

The Lift 'Em Up tour began in July and while the singer usually brings wife Nicole Kidman (Stoker, Grace of Monaco) and her two daughters on the road with him, was able to relax at home with his family throughout the last days even visit his wife on the set of his new movie.

On Friday Us Weekly reported that the couple agrees similar pants, sunglasses, shoes and hairstyles as they strolled the set of her new drama The Family Fang. The couple looked quite comfortable together, which served as a more recent rumors that divorce probably false test.

The rumors are nothing new for the couple, who married in 2006, and seems to do everything possible to ignore talk staying together even when the cameras are not rolling.

Urban tour later this week will resume.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Sing Together In 'Amazing Grace' Duet

Who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? Definitely not the patients and staff of Monash Children's Hospital in Australia, who were treated with mini-concert with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman on Friday. Sitting at a desk in the hospital NICU, Urban played guitar and sang with the help of his wife (and staff dazzled NICU) in a rare duet.

"We want to give a huge THANKS to Nicole, Keith and Swisse [of being a vitamin company] to lift the spirits of some of our most deserving patients, families and staff," the hospital wrote in a statement on its website Monday.

Later that day, Kidman and Urban attended the Wellness Australia Swisse Celebrate Life Ball in Melbourne, where Kidman playfully donned a mask of black costumes.

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The couple has been traveling a bit lately, emerging in Nashville June 04 for the CMT Music Awards and stay in town for CMA Fest performance of Urban that weekend before heading to his native Australia.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

American Idol Is SAFE — BUT The Show Will Return Next Season With One MAJOR Change!

Good news for you American Idol fans! 

Even though there Have Been A LOT of cancellations, FOX has saved the veteran singing competition!

Plus, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., AND ALL Keith Urban will be back for the next season!

However, do not jump for joy JUST yet, because there will be one HUGE change coming next season!

The show will only be one night a week, instead of two!

During the incredibly popular audition stage, the show will Remain in it’s twice a week format, however it it, they ax after contestants, they'll ax the second night of shows!

HARSH! That's when the show will transition into a two hour episode eleven week!

We're just excited That J.Lo will get to continue her F-bomb dropping another season! LOLz!

But, what do YOU think?! 

Will YOU watch the next season of American Idol? 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Divorce: Split After Marriage Trouble – Grace Of Monaco Tanks

My how things have changed for Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban. Once could easily argue that at a time when Nicole Kidman was the breadwinner and her rocker husband eclipsed Keith.

But Nicole is clearly learning the hard way that men in Hollywood become better with age, and women in Hollywood drift into oblivion with every passing year. It's a vicious double standard, but it is a fact.

Rumors are emerging once again that Keith and Nicole marriage is in trouble and one cannot help but wonder if the latest failure of movie Nicole plays a role in their marital problems. When Nicole got the role of Grace Kelly in the highly anticipated film Grace of Monaco, who had high hopes for cinema and the media speculated that it would rejuvenate his career.

Unfortunately, the film seems to be dropping before it even makes it to the public. After more than a year of filming the original release date was scheduled for November 2013. When it became clear that the film was not ready for the public, and that pushed the release to March 2014,

March came and went this year and it was revealed that Grace of Monaco had withdrawn from the release schedule together. What was previously speculated to be a major Blockbuster is now getting released in the Cannes Film Festival, Harvey Weinstein and is considering abandoning the U.S. distribution together.

Nicole Kidman is not taking his last failure well, and certainly does not help that her husband Keith Urban is at the peak of his career. His latest album fuse is less than a year old, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and topped the country charts, and she is. On top of his gig as judge on American Idol this year, Urban took home three Academy of Country Music.

So , Keith is not only experiencing all the success his wife Nicole had expected when she signed on to play Grace Kelley, who is so busy with her career, does not have time to support her and comfort her during the fiasco Grace of Monaco.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Keith Urban Finally Wears A Suit For 'American Idol'!

Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely stunning in a partially sheer dress while heading into the studio to show the results of American Idol on Thursday night (April 24) in West Hollywood, California 

After being mocked by host Ryan Seacrest and Co-judge Harry Connick Jr., fellow judge Keith Urban finally decided to wear a suit during the show and we think it looks great!

"So that's what a tailored feel!" Keith jokingly tweeted along with a selfie.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Georges Chakra dress, Casadei shoes, and Swarovski earrings. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Watch Keith Urban Give A Tour Of His ‘Idol’ Trailer

Have you ever wondered how things are for Keith Urban behind the scenes of American Idol? Country singer decided it was time to give the fans a tour of its features between racks in a new video called Idle Chatter Episode 1. See below.

"Hello everyone, Keith here, “the judge ACM Award winner says Idol, before deciding to make its repetition. "Well, they know it's me," he reasons.

Idol just finished the test, and Urban was eager to show where it hangs when not on set. He goes back to where all the trailers are parked. Almost all are large and luxurious, and then heads to his, that is ... a U- Haul.

"For some reason, there was some confusion in communication," he says as he stands at the bottom of the U- Haul. Inside we see a folding chair and some T-shirts hanging on a makeshift closet. Urban also shows his “boom box" - that is just your iPhone just placed in a red cup.

"Okay.’M Not mad at you guys.’ve got everything I need. I got my guitar, I can play a little. All clothing, I have to separate what I'm going to wear tonight."

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Hungry? He has also covered, as bananas and eat a clementine half of Harry Connick, Jr.

"I have my “Keep Austin Weird " mug I got in Seattle. Backstage Left by a guy who must have been in Texas," says blankly.

Friday, 11 April 2014

American Idol's Top 8 Go Totally '80s: See Keith Urban's Mullet

American Idol Top 8 sang songs from the golden age of the Virgin under the tutelage of season 7 winner David Cook Thursday.

But who was regained 80 heaters , headbands and big hair the better
(without Keith Urban, who opened the show wearing a mullet with Ryan Seacrest clip that was calling him " Billy Ray Urbano" )

Here are the singers who had "The Eye of the Tiger " and those who were more " Borderline" .

Eye of the Tiger

Rocker Caleb Johnson finally softened up, singing a full “faithfully " reverential powerful version of fireworks (and Urban raising his "lighter" in admiration iPhone).

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"I've been waiting for subtlety. Did it,” said Harry Connick Jr., while Jennifer Lopez called it “amazing," saying it " is not a small task to take on Steve Perry.”

Although the judges were not unanimous in their praise of Alex Preston and 80 tunes reimagined Jena Irene, his unique take were even more remarkable.

Guitar - Preston heavy ropes reinvention of "Every Breath You Take" in a sweet love song Lopez was missing the “soul of the song”, but Connick Urban and delirious.

“You grab my attention like that,"
Urban said, breaking his finger, and said his version was a "dismantling bold.”

Irene reinvented Joan Jett “I Love Rock 'n ' Roll," which starts slowly rock song on a piano before turning it into a blues number.

“I love the originality always bring “Urban, a power with which agreement was Connick said. " You try and twisting and manipulating these arrangements. "

However, Connick and Lopez, who said the deal “languished " in the middle , he was told to ignore the advice of the producers of American Idol and do your own thing on stage.

After dramatic save last week, the judges considered the simplified version of Sam Woolf "Time After Time" was vocally strong but again had no connection.

"Look up young Ricky Nelson on YouTube," Connick instructed. “Look at what he does.”

Connick said Dexter Roberts earned a week off to “rock” after the performance last week, and country crooner version of “Keep Your Hands to You “needed something” completely unexpected," said Urban.

Malaya Watson took on " Through the Fire " , and judges according to Connick assessment that although " it is not a lot of people who can hit that note in full voice Chaka ... all prepared for that representation time. "

Jessica Meuse was loud, but looked uncomfortable without her guitar singing "Call Me”, Urbano said his actions were akin to being "near the door, ready to enter the game."

Lopez called CJ Harris version of "Free Fallin ' " " shaky" and Connick gave another lesson in tone, although Urban called a “great surrender “due to” survivor tone to your voice.”